“A community is like a ship; everyone ought to be prepared to take helm.” – Henrik Ibsen

CommunityThe success and sustainability of BECOMING will based on the support of the Durham Community. BECOMING Involved is a way that everyone can take part. We have many opportunities for you or your organization to join us. You can join one of our workgroups. Have an idea of a fun activity for our youth or family members? Let us know! Want to offer your services or supports to us? Feel free to give us a call or email us at BECOMING Durham.

We recently submitted our quarterly update to the federal government. You can view our report by clicking here.

BECOMING Workgroups

Below you will find a description of various workgroups that you can join. The groups meet every month or every other month to discuss strategies and to brainstorm. If you are interested in joining one of the workgroups, please contact our Training Coordinator, Jennifer Meade or 919-651-8833.

Family Engagement Workgroupillustration of people working cooperatively

  • Work with CONNECTED (family member group) to identify barriers, share ideas and make changes to improve the service system and ensure that aspects of BECOMING are family driven.
  • NEXT MEETING:  August 16, 5pm. Contact Teka Dempson at  for details.

Youth Engagement Workgroup

  • Increase effectiveness of BECOMING by ensuring ongoing attention to youth needs and to promote youth leadership and advocacy.
  • NEXT MEETING: Contact Brandon Fields at  for details

Training/TA Workgroup

  • Assist with the assessment, planning and implementation of all BECOMING training and technical assistance activities.
  • NEXT MEETING: TBD. Contact Jennifer Meade at  for details.

Communications Workgroup

  • Support BECOMING social marketing efforts and activities.
  • NEXT MEETING: TBD . Contact Brandon Alexander at  for details.

Cultural and Linguistic Competency Workgroup

  • Assess the cultural and linguistic competency needs of the community and develop a roadmap for working towards culturally competent services, supports and partnerships throughout all levels of the project.
  • NEXT MEETING: Wednesday, August 22. Contact Bonita Lawrence-McClure at  for details.

Evaluations Workgroup

  • Evaluate the effectiveness of BECOMING and contribute to SAMHSA National Evaluation efforts.